Traveling Light

Mt. Vesuvius finally left our home alone, and we were able to still go on a short two-day ski trip to Hidden Valley Ski area late last week, albeit a week later than planned.  I was thankful that the hotel we booked had a 24-hour cancellation policy and that Hidden Valley doesn't require advance booking. … Continue reading Traveling Light


Mrs. Grinch

Well, the crazy of Christmas is over at our house.  My husband and son are parked on the floor surrounded by 1,253,295 Legos.  My daughter is queuing up some A-Team DVDs she asked for and settling down on the couch with some adult coloring books and new colored pencils. Looking back, I really did cut back … Continue reading Mrs. Grinch

Seven years is a long time

Only seven years since my last post.  WOW.  For the past six months, this little blog has been on my mind.  It's not because it was a happening place, but because I am craving more simplicity in my life.  When I started this blog, I was reading about voluntary simplicity.  Now, I'm diving into the … Continue reading Seven years is a long time