Visible Change

Why, Hello there stranger!  Apparently I've been very busy living life for the past month and fell off the blogging bandwagon.  It happens.  Never feel guilty about it. Today's post is inspired by nothing.  I'm talking specifically about the amount of space created when nothing occupies it.  This morning I was looking in my bathroom linen … Continue reading Visible Change


Then, There Was a Sale

I, ahem, had a bit of a setback this weekend.  After not shopping for the sake of shopping for what seemed like a year (more like a few months), I received a phone call from a relative that the Amazon/Target returns re-sale store he managed was two days. I bought seven kites among other … Continue reading Then, There Was a Sale

My Own Slice of Paradise

Last year, I lost my mind.  At least that's kind of what I feel like looking back now.  Around this time last year, I turned on an episode of HGTV's "Lakefront Bargain Hunt."  And then I binge watched and watched some more.  The more I watched, the more I thought, "Yeah, why can't we do … Continue reading My Own Slice of Paradise