Hello World, Again.

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost a year since I last blogged.  I've been formulating posts in my mind, but I think life got in the way.  Also, I don't keep a working computer at my house anymore.  The computers stay at my office, and it has really helped with keeping family time for … Continue reading Hello World, Again.


Visible Change

Why, Hello there stranger!  Apparently I've been very busy living life for the past month and fell off the blogging bandwagon.  It happens.  Never feel guilty about it. Today's post is inspired by nothing.  I'm talking specifically about the amount of space created when nothing occupies it.  This morning I was looking in my bathroom linen … Continue reading Visible Change

Then, There Was a Sale

I, ahem, had a bit of a setback this weekend.  After not shopping for the sake of shopping for what seemed like a year (more like a few months), I received a phone call from a relative that the Amazon/Target returns re-sale store he managed was closing...in two days.  So.many.bargains.to.be.had. I bought seven kites among other … Continue reading Then, There Was a Sale