Visible Change

Why, Hello there stranger!  Apparently I’ve been very busy living life for the past month and fell off the blogging bandwagon.  It happens.  Never feel guilty about it.

Today’s post is inspired by nothing.  I’m talking specifically about the amount of space created when nothing occupies it.  This morning I was looking in my bathroom linen closet, and I could visibly see holes of negative space where gobs of toiletries once occupied.  It actually made me smile.

I didn’t actually throw out perfectly good toiletries.  We are just using them up and not buying more.  It’s actually a good exercise because it’s fairly difficult to gauge how long it takes to use something up.  Big bottles of shampoo and economy size packs of toilet paper may actually take several weeks or even months to use up.  Do you really need more than one backup?  No.  The answer is “No.”

I’ve made it a point to stay out of the stores until I really need something.  Last night, my husband commented that he was leaving the last two slices of bread for my son’s lunch (which was quite kind of him).  However, if he had looked at the school lunch menu, he would have seen that our child has chosen to eat a hot lunch today.  Bonus: extra sandwich for whomever wants it!

There is a certain national chain of stores that shall not be named that recently sent me a couple of coupons for a free item and $10 off a purchase.  I tore out the coupons from the mailer and set them on my dining table.  This morning, I realized that it has been months since I set foot in that store.  I still have multiple bottles of lotion and several candles left over from prior purchases and gifts I’ve received.  There is nothing I need from that store.  I want to create more negative space, not fill it.  I’m inspired by nothing, and it feels great.

How about you?  Are you inspired by nothing?  Does it snowball into other areas of your life?



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