Spring Not Break the Bank


Happy Monday to everyone!  Whew, we had quite the lazy Spring Break here last week.  It was chilly early in the week and quite warm this past weekend.  My father and I worked to get our property fence line cleared early on in the week.  I slept like a baby on those days!

On Friday, our family headed out to the lake to enjoy horseback trail riding with some friends.  It was a gorgeous day for it.  I have a little bit of riding experience which came in handy when my horse bucked and kicked the one behind me.  For the entire ride, I was only using one stirrup because the other was too long.  It made trotting quite the adventure.

The family we joined had never been on a horse, and the father behind me commented that the girls were going to beg for a horse before the day was over.  I commented about how expensive it was.  They could pay to ride them anytime they wanted during the guided tours, and they would still come out ahead!  Horses make for very expensive pets.

After the ride, we headed out to our property on the lake.  The kids played for hours and hours.  It was the most relaxing spring break adventure I ever remember taking.  There were no hotels to book and no places to be.  I love how spending time there encourages getting outside and engaging in conversation.  We let television screens, iPad screens, and laptop screens be our entertainment more often than we should.

On Saturday, I had a special surprise planned for my son.  He is crazy about Legos, and I bought some inexpensive tickets for a Lego fan convention months ago for all of us to go.  He was not crazy about getting up and taking the one hour car ride to go do anything.  When we walked in and he saw Legos everywhere, he cracked the biggest grin I’ve ever seen.  We spent a few hours checking out the creations.  I was in awe at the number of people there and at the amount of shopping going on.  My son picked out a few $5 Legos to purchase, and my daughter found some earrings to wear for her Logo robotics competition.  My husband fell in love with a $350 remote control wheel loader which I promptly shot down as something he did not need.  Afterwards, we walked downtown for lunch on the patio and some fudge.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I’m glad we got out to enjoy it.

Although my children may not remember this as the best Spring Break ever, I will remember it as one of my favorites.  We made a lot of memories by getting outdoors and enjoying the wonderful weather and experiencing new things.  My bank account is also happy about it, too.


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