An Honest Obit

Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public died in an unexpected car accident this past Friday.  They were wholly unprepared to die said family and friends.  This was evident by their lack of a last will and testament despite being in their 40’s.  They leave behind three children, an underwater mortgage payment, numerous credit card bills, and three vehicle payments.

Mr. and Mrs. John Q. could be described as living life to the fullest.  They had three beautiful children, a fabulous two-story 4,500 sq ft home in a gated community, three foreign built cars, and all of the newest furniture and toys a person could want.  Mr. and Mrs. John Q. took their family on lavish vacations several times a year often stating that, “Life is short.  We might as well live it.”

Mr. John Q. Public was most recently named vice president of his company until he was let go during a competitive buyout of the company.  High paying jobs like his were hard to find, so he spent most of the past unemployed four months sitting on his couch in his pajamas playing Candy Crush on his phone.  This lasted a few months until the mobile phone carrier cancelled his plan for nonpayment.  Mrs. John Q Public left her homemaker position to re-enter the workforce, but could only find a minimum wage paying job selling clothing at Forever 21.  The sadness on her face was unparalleled, and she was let go after only a few weeks of employment.

Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public’s three children went to live with separate family members.  The family members are now pursuing litigation as there was no specific instruction on where or with whom the children were supposed to live after a tragic loss such as this.  Family members have set up three separate GoFundMe accounts as there was no money left in the Public’s bank account to take care of the children into adulthood.  Family members are planning to sell the contents of the lavish home the Public’s shared.  However, they are not expecting to take in near what the purchases once cost.

Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Publics’ deaths were a tragedy of epic proportions.  They lived life to the fullest while on Earth.  However, with no future or financial planning, family members are left to pick up the broken pieces of lives not-so-well lived.


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