Letting Go

Whew, it’s been a whirlwind few days…a whirlwind few AWESOME days.  Last Thursday, we moved into our new office.  It’s a moment I’ve been looking forward to for months.  We bought a slightly moldy wood-paneled 1980’s metal building and gutted it.  Now it’s brand new and shiny, and I could do a happy dance all day long.

I’ve been looking forward to this for months because we’ve been working out of our home for a few years now.  My work area was the kitchen table, and it was haphazardly cleaned off for each meal time.  It was a nightmare.  I was keeping furniture for the office in an extra room, so I didn’t have to go out and buy a lot of new things.  However, the room was a huge mess of a dumping ground.

Literally, a nightmare.

I went through a few bookshelves and filled up two kitchen trash bags.  Out went the Norton Anti Virus 2000 and diskettes that no longer have computer disk drives to read them.  Out went paperwork I had kept for no good reason.  I was so proud of myself because I have really overcome some barriers in the past year that would have led me to keep some of those items for “just in case.”

Goodbye and good riddance!

I found this TED video called “Why are we so attached to our things?” by Christian Jarrett last week.  It couldn’t have been better timing.  I think I’m definitely guilty of the “endowment effect” discussed in the video, and it was in the forefront of my mind as I was tossing one thing after another into the trash can on Wednesday afternoon.

Tonight I filled up another trash bag of old classwork from my Masters degree I finished in 2014.  I kept my legal class binder because it was probably the best class I’ve ever taken in my life.  All of it was sitting two feet high in a chair next to my nightstand, and it was covered in THICK dust.  Gross.  Seriously.  I’m so happy it’s gone.

My mother and father came to visit on Friday, and I couldn’t wait to show off the new empty space in my home.  My dad asked, “What are you going to do with it now?”  My answer was definitely not, “fill it up with more stuff.”  I told him I’m going to make my very own War Room.  It’s something I’ve been wanting to do since I saw the movie, but I never had space in my home to do it.  It’s just one more reason to do my little happy dance.

I always knew that my stuff was debilitating, but I never though about stuff keeping me from doing things that truly mattered in my life.  I was willing to wait years to make it happen instead of removing the barriers right away.  It’s amazing how we can be our own worst enemy.

Do you have mental or physical barriers keeping you from doing what you want to?  Share it with me in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. This is amazing, congrats! I also recently threw out some of my old class paperwork, it always feels great. After moving in with my partner our basement has slowly started to collect stuff. I need to make some serious time in my calendar to go through it. Good luck with the new office space.

    1. Thanks! I am really excited. Now if the gas company would just get us a meter! Legal problems about a permit…hope it doesn’t delay it too much. Have you thought about making a deliberate space in your basement? I think that may help with certain areas in the home being a dumping ground. It’s also a good reason to get my War Room set up.

  2. I am the self-appointed curator of generations of family heirlooms. :-/
    I have boxes and boxes of junque that I am housing and protecting… That is – I had been protecting!
    I am throwing out everything and gettin’ the heck outta Dodge… LOL!
    I’ve had enough. Now I will live for hopes and dreams and wishes and adventures, instead of killing myself to safeguard furniture for people who don’t really want it.

    1. You bring up an excellent point. We all have homes full of stuff. Nobody wants Grandma’s old couch when they don’t have room for it. It’s time to bless others with it. Our loved ones are not their things.

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