Little Victories

In the past few months, I’ve been chipping away at the overwhelming avalanche of stuff and clutter in my home.  It really is overwhelming, especially when people add to the mix through marriage and childbirth.  I still feel like I’m baby stepping away, and that’s okay.  It’s easy to fantasize about those minimalist apartments and tiny homes that look like they belong in a magazine versus reality.  I’ll admit that I get caught up in it, too.

Maybe you have a 37-piece capsule wardrobe, or a 100-piece wardrobe, or no philosophy on wardrobes at all.  Maybe you live in an adorably tiny blue house or a McMansion and live on a single income or dual income.  Maybe you are starting out your journey as a single person, newly marriedmarried with kids, or an empty nester.  It doesn’t matter because your space is an outward reflection about your philosophy on how you want to live.  What works for one person certainly won’t work for another person or family.

Remember, this isn’t a race.  We are all writing our own story.

Some of the little victories I’ve experienced are a little random.  For example, I’ve had seven cans of dog food in my pantry since August 2015 when our beloved old border collie, Zipper, got sick.  It was all he would eat, and he passed away before it was gone.  Zipper was one of five dogs in our family.  It wasn’t like I couldn’t have just used that food right away.  It was the grief that made me avoid it and forget about it until a week ago.  The date on the can was March 2017, so I was glad it wasn’t going to waste.  My girls got a really special treat.  They ate that food like I had just prepared them a feast.  It made me smile and remember my sweet Zipper.



Last night was another little victory.  As I was cooking dinner, I heard my husband give out orders in his best drill sergeant voice.  The kids cleaned up, folded laundry, and carted things off to their rooms.  After dinner, my husband did the dishes.  AND IT’S NOT EVEN MY BIRTHDAY!  I haven’t really discussed trying minimalism with my family (they might self implode), but I think it’s rubbing off.  They know that mama is happy and relaxed when the house is clean(er).  Actually, scratch that about the little victory.  It’s a huge victory!


2 thoughts on “Little Victories

  1. Yay for dinner and dishes done. It’s really interesting that you haven’t said anything to your family, but you can already see subtle changes. Example is such a powerful thing! Plus, when they do make changes it will be from their own motivation and for their own reasons, which is what you want for real change. It must be so hard not saying anything – I guess that is what you have us for.

  2. I probably should talk about it. I think I’m trying to ease them into it. My husband probably wouldn’t mind, except for his clearance glove and hat problem. He really doesn’t buy much. The kids are my hold outs. They are borderline hoarders, and I’m trying to live by example, just like you said. You crack me up. That is why I have you all!

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