Do It Now

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a procrastinator.  In high school, I would come home and sleep and get up at 2am to do homework.  It was really odd, but I eventually grew out of bad homework habits.  Unfortunately, I haven’t outgrown procrastination habits as an adult.  In my last post, I think I made that pretty clear.

Lately, I’ve been trying to change my mindset.  If I put something where it belongs in the first place: Laundry sorted into individual sorting baskets, junk mail in the trash, shoes in the closet, and jackets hung on the hooks, I get some of my life back.  When we stop putting things where they don’t belong out of sheer tiredness or laziness, we save precious minutes having to relocate them (sometimes several times) and work around the clutter.  I have a chair right by the garage door that we use to enter the house.  My kids LOVE to put stuff on it and even under it when they come inside.  When I move our home office to a real office, that chair is going with me.  I guarantee it.

It looks like we’ve found Jesse James secret hide-out…along with his collection of small cars and trucks.  That bench needs serious help.
I would say laundry is my other big procrastination item.  I ran across a solution a few years ago that has helped leaps and bounds.  Each family member gets a hard-sided open-top laundry basket in the laundry room.  There is also a laundry sorter for whites, towels, jeans, and reds we use collectively.  It’s helped some, but I think I’m the only one that uses the system religiously.  My family just hasn’t changed their mindset.  They still like to throw dirty laundry on the floor like their lives depended upon it.  I once told everyone that laundry would not get done unless it was sorted into their laundry basket in the laundry room.  That went over like a pregnant pole vaulter.  There is only so much nagging a person can do.

However, I’m trying to tackle old projects and new projects as they come about.  We tend to dread the time it’s going to take, but in reality, those projects don’t take as much time as we think.  Once it’s finished, we all get a nice endorphin high from the fruits of our accomplishments.

We finally took our Christmas decorations down yesterday.  You would have thought I had won the lottery with the amount of stress it took off my shoulders.  My house looks brighter and cleaner, and it makes me so much happier.  I even put several decorations in the donation box. Now, if you don’t mind, I have an indoor seed garden to figure out…well maybe next week.  There is such a thing as too early for seedlings.



2 thoughts on “Do It Now

  1. I couldn’t wait to get my Christmas Tree down either! My son LOVES it, so it will return next year, but I’m not missing it now.
    I’m really messy and procrastination is definitely at the heart of it. My entry way used to be a terrible dumping group, as with the kitchen counter. By keeping on top of things, putting them away immediately, those areas are now under control. The worst spots are my own ares – my desk, my bedside table and my “floor-drobe”. I am going to just pick them off one by one, until I get into better habits in those areas too. One thing I’ve realised is I am not suddenly going to become a tidy person overnight – I just need to chip away at it and get into the habit of making a place for something and returning it when I’m finished.

    1. Agreed! I used to be really tidy when I was single. Kids tend to make everything overwhelming. I didn’t grow up with very much, so I felt the need to give everything to my kids. Boy was that the wrong thing to do. I’m slowly unravelling that mindset. I have a chaise lounge at the end of my bed that tends to be a huge dumping ground. I think I need to put it somewhere else in the house. Sounds good in theory at least!

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