Traveling Light

Mt. Vesuvius finally left our home alone, and we were able to still go on a short two-day ski trip to Hidden Valley Ski area late last week, albeit a week later than planned.  I was thankful that the hotel we booked had a 24-hour cancellation policy and that Hidden Valley doesn’t require advance booking.  It was nice to be completely comfortable with cancelling a trip and not losing any money in the process.

The trip was fun, quick, and uneventful (sickness-free!) until we were loading up the seven passenger SUV for the ride home and I noticed this:

My daughter is 12, so I figured she was responsible enough to pack her own items for the trip.  She decided to bring the gigantic fluffy blanket I bought my husband for Christmas along with a normal sized pillow and three stuffed animals.  I looked at this and shook my head while asking her where she thought she was going to sit.  We were already packed to the hilt with two tubs of ski clothes and bags for five people (my nephew tagged along).

Even though it’s not the first time our family has gone skiing, this trip was a learning experience.  I learned that my husband has a hat and glove clearance problem….and he wanted to bring all of them along.  I learned that my daughter needs some coaching on what to bring in a crowded vehicle.  I learned that sometimes it’s okay to be flexible and cancel plans.  It doesn’t always equate to a big expense.  It’s okay to stop at the hokey tourist traps along the way.  And finally, I learned that this is what I’d rather be doing with my family than anything else: exploring, exercising, and enjoying one another’s company.


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