An exercise in futility

A long time ago, I started a blog about my daughter when she was just a baby.  Eventually I found some new friends in the blogging community that I still follow today on Facebook or Instagram.  One of the biggest things happening in the mid-2000s was that advertisers were catching on to this new form of advertising revenue.  Mommy bloggers were putting Google ads on their sites, and some were making a little bit of income.  I once scored a free pair of shoes for my kiddo just by putting a post out there about it and linking to the shoe’s website.  They even offered a free pair to a blog reader.  Weird….and a bit creepy.

One of the things I find humorous about minimalism is that the whole point is to say “No!” to the advertising run amok around us.  So how do minimalists profit from their expertise in this area?  Joshua Becker offers e-books.  The Minimalists offer writing classes, books, and mentoring.  It is the anti-mecca for companies wanting to make a buck.  It will be interesting to watch and see how the movement will evolve and perhaps even profit.

I don’t think I’ll ever become one of the extreme minimalists owning enough to fit in a backpack and travelling the world.  I’ve seen people do it, but I think there is too much uncertainty to it.  It would also be quite difficult given that my husband and I own a construction company.  I don’t think we could afford to check both our baggage and the excavator when we travel.

I do feel the need to be creative and happy in my own space.  I love photography and painting, but I rarely find the time anymore except quick snaps on Instagram.  I’ve also had it on my heart for a few years to write short novels for tweens.  I love the aspect of minimalism that shows people that they can open up their lives to things they love to do when they cut the junk and clutter from their lives.  I think that’s exactly what I hope to do.


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