Where Are Your Priorities?

Let’s face it. We are an over scheduled and over committed world. Sports and extracurricular activities eat up precious time with our families, and we’re expected to work even harder or longer at our day jobs. Nothing ever seems to get done, so maybe it’s time we prioritize the things we want to do instead of things we feel like we have to do.

Here’s a Simple Top 5 List of where my priorities lie right now.

1. Finish Building Our Home
2. Home business
3. Laundry and Cleaning
4. My family
5. My faith

Number five and four probably hurt me the most. They should be my top two because they are the most important to me, but I don’t give them the time they deserve. I started staying home with my daughter about a year-and-a-half ago, and I didn’t exactly fall right into the SAHM mode like I thought I would. Of course, our lives have lacked routine since we sold our home, moved closer to our families, and started building a home while living in a camper. When we first moved into the camper, I drove to my sister-in-law’s home 12 miles away just to do laundry. We had a 5 gallon hot water tank that gave us about 3 minutes to take a shower. Things have vastly improved, but it’s still cramped, and there’s very little room for my daughter to play indoors. So yes, finishing our new home is a huge priority for us. Let’s take a look at what I wish my Simple Top 5 List would look like.

1. My Faith
2. My Family
3. Finish Building Our Home
4. Laundry and Cleaning
5. Home business

Your top five may look vastly different from mine given the period of life you are dealing with. A young unmarried person may list their career and friends as top priorities while a retired person may list grandchildren and fishing as their top priorities. It’s not supposed to be a static list. There may be days when some things are more important than others, so the top priorities may have to slide. This past week, I can tell you that while my father-in-law was in the hospital, my faith and my family were of absolute importance to me.

So, in order to live simply, it’s very important to really understand where your priorities lie and where you want them to lie. There is so much superfluous junk going on in our lives that we forget to focus on the important things. Type up your own Simple Top 5 List and tape it to your bathroom mirror where you can see it every morning. This will help you focus throughout the day.


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