Defining Simple

I suppose I should talk a little bit about simple living and what it means to me before I go any further. Several years ago, I ran across some information on a movement called “Voluntary Simplicity.” I even checked out some books and leafed through them.

According to the voluntary simplicity wiki, it is defined as “a lifestyle characterized by minimizing the ‘more-is-better’ pursuit of wealth and consumption. Adherents may choose simple living for a variety of personal reasons, such as spirituality, health, increase in ‘quality time’ for family and friends, stress reduction, personal taste or frugality.”

Of course, considering the state of the economy, simplicity is not usually voluntary. There are all types of those following the simplicity movement, from those who just like the idea of it to those who scour the garbage bins behind supermarkets looking for postdated consumable castoffs. I like to think of myself as striving for somewhere in the middle, trying to find that balance between thrift and comfort. After all, who really wants to go dumpster diving behind the Piggly Wiggly?

Here are some thoughts about what I think is attainable simple living:

– Clearing out life’s clutter to focus what is truly important to me
– Breaking the vicious cycle of hoarding brought forth by the Great Depression
– Helping my child(ren) simplify their lives to reduce burdens that hinder learning
– Looking forward to each new day instead of worrying about trivial things I have no control over
– Placing greater value on friendships than on material things
– Becoming debt-free, living within our means, and within a budget
– Becoming self-sustainable through gardening and farm animals (think fresh eggs)
– Being a steward of the Earth by choosing renewable resources over non-renewable resources
– By making a conscious and aggressive decision to recycle as much as I can

These are just some basic thoughts, and I will try to add to them as often as I can.


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