Have and Have Nots

Yesterday, an ad popped up showing some white Keds shoes decorated with red laces like you would see on a baseball.  I immediately wanted them.  After all, my eight-year-old son is playing baseball this year, and it could be his last.  (It's just not his bag, baby.) So, I did what every good little consumer … Continue reading Have and Have Nots


Back in the Saddle Again

Well, Hello there, stranger!  I see it's been almost a year since I've written.  Look at me and how simple my life is!  Ha ha!  Well, things have slowed down to a nice crawl since both of my kids finished up basketball season, but look, here comes baseball and track!  Things aren't necessarily simple, but … Continue reading Back in the Saddle Again

Wal-Mart Grocery Pick-up Review + $10 off code

When I was in college, I shopped at Wal-Mart religiously.  Everything I needed was right there, so why waste the extra gas?  As I grew older, my discretionary income grew as well as my intolerance for long lines and lack of customer service.  Wal-Mart was pushed to the bottom of my list as favorite places … Continue reading Wal-Mart Grocery Pick-up Review + $10 off code